Bali Holidays Packages Tour Of Nusa Dua And Denpasar

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Bali Holidays Packages Tour Of Nusa Dua And Denpasar

Tanjung Benoa water sports
Tanjung Benoa Water Sports | Management of tours in Bali Your Bali vacation will not be completed without Bali water sports. Bali Holidays Packages has beauty Place with the long white sandy beach at Tanjung Benoa as a water sports center. It is right on the Bali peninsula, in the southern part of Bali, it is One step away from Nusa Dua, the elite resort of Bali Holidays Packages. Tanjung Benoa beach is a blue sea water with no wave, known for its best water adventures in Bali, parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat, water skiing, snorkeling, diving, wake boarding, turtle island, flying fish, glass boat trip and fishing tour.
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City tour of Nusa Dua and Denpasar

Bajra Sandhi monument
Bajra Sandhi Memorial | Direction of the Bali Tour Packages The Bajra Sandhi Memorial is located in Renon Denpasar, built in 1987 and inaugurated by the President of Megawati Sukarno Putri on 14 June 2003 as a monument to the struggle for the Balinese peoples. The purpose of this memorial is to perpetuate the spirit and spirit of the Balinese Fighting, digging, treating, developing and preserving the culture of Bali Honeymoon Packages, which is bequeathed to a generation of routers as capital on the rise Stroke calculates a world of stress progressively with challenge and resistance. Sewa Mobil Bali Dengan Supir, Tanpa Sopir & Paket Wisata Harga Murah┬áThis monument is known as Bajra Sandhi because it is the form looks like Bajra or Genta or a bell used by all Hindu priests to read Vedic’s holy words during the religious ceremony. Rental Sewa Motor Bali┬áThe ticket is IDR 10,000 / person

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