Bali Green and Clean, not only to the extent Slogan

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Bali Green and Clean, not only to the extent Slogan – Green and clean Bali has become an obsession Bali Provincial Government in 2010. Overview of Bali Tour Holiday obsession green and clean easily realized. For identical Bali tourism area of culture. In addition, Bali is also a destinasiwisata which offers beautiful natural scenery. So still maintaining the cleanliness and the environment has an obligation of all components of society.

Moreover, the concept of tourism development based on the Tri Hita Karana Bali. Bali Holidays Packages Balance the relationship between man, nature, and God is the one made Bali remained steady; preserved art and culture, nature and economic sustainability remain communities in averaged. Really an aspiration which is ideal.

Many things that become obstacles Bali Tour Packages that affect the success of Bali clean and green. Such as Bali villas for rent that is always clean and green. What are the challenges in realizing Bali these obsessions? First, the culture of the community to stay clean, still needs improvement.

Second, awareness invetoruntuk menysakan land for reforestation is still very small. Third, investors are still flowing into Bali that is definitely going to buy productive land or green land is on the edge of the abyss. Fourth, the program was limited to an invitation that has not been binding. So there is no legal process, if violated or not implemented.

In order for the program Bali Honeymoon Packages could really work well, already coupled with the regulation as a means of binding for citizens really subject at every yard of the house. For example, if they do not plant trees, then there are legal sanctions so that the program can be run in accordance with common expectations.

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If Bali Green and Clean Rental Motor Bali just a slogan it would not affect anything. Jasa Seo Murah Bali Therefore, many programs stop at the Sewa Mobil Bali slogan with no action is clear and unequivocal. Therefore the government of Bali need to make the steps by involving all community Bali Car Rental members to take action and oversight. So all remind each other to Bali a clean and green.